We’re slowly getting close folks, getting close to the end!
I’ve been been trying to play catch up now that ECCC is done, mostly art, webcomics and well of course… anime.

Catching up on  Darling in the Fraxx, A Place Further than the Universe and new Cardcaptor Sakura. I think currently the only anime I’m all caught up with is Dragon Ball Super, and I’m reeeeaally excited for the 20th Movie announcement! I saw the poster and can only say, if that’s the style they’re going to go for, I’m SUPER on board. Can’t wait to see more from that.

That’s it for me, but everyone should go read Mermaid Comics!
It’s cute, it’s got mermaids and fun writing, also smol nsfw warning for merm-boobies.

See you all next week!