Hey iWishies,

New page is finally up. With a bit of good news as well!

I just got this news yesterday, but I just got accepted into Emerald City Comicon for 2018 in Seattle! So please expect to see iWish there with a new book!

Concerning our readers and the update times:
Apologies for just jumping off the face of the earth, but I do get busy in life and iWish does take a bit of a back seat for a bit. However I would like to say I will try and have regular updates for you ever week until the end of the chapter. I don’t plan on cutting iWish short anytime soon, or just leaving all of you lovely people. Please expect a new update at least 3 times a month, if not twice!

Also please, let me know if you all like to be called “iWishies” or “Darlings”, what would you like me to call all you lovelies?

See you guys next page! Again thanks for all your love and support!